Something fishy going on


„Peters dad has a pond now!“

“So what?”

“It is full of Koi.”

“That’s one useless fish!”

“Daddy, I need to have Koi too.”

“Fish are meant for the meat,”

“You don’t…”

“or for the fight,”


“but not for the looks,”

“We need to have them!”

“if you like ugly looks, that is.”

“I have seen it.”

“Spend a fortune on a fish.”

“in the morning they come,”

“In Kyoto, maybe!”

“the mist still over the water.”

“but Michigan, of all places.”

“they are so …. important”

“What for, my son?”

“Without’em the heron will have no breakfast.”

(My sincere apologies to all my Japanese friends and Michiganders)

10 Gedanken zu „Something fishy going on

  1. Parents are practical. Kids not so much. While you’ve shown that well here, you’ve also given us the chance to choose whether to grow up, or stay a child. I like that.

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