Friday Fictioneers


Comedy or Tragedy

„What shall we play: comedy or tragedy? “

“Honestly, I never quite got the difference between the two? “

“That is simple my friend: in a tragedy the choir has twelve singers without masks, in a comedy it is twice as many and they do wear a mask.”

“Simple indeed, in this case I suggest to play a tragedy.”

“You are full of surprises, my dear. I was positive that you would go with the bigger show.”

“In all other places I would, but not here. People won`t come to see the show anyhow, but to admire the ocean view.”

13 Gedanken zu „Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Ingmar,

    Is this our own Carmen or are you here for the first time. In any case I admire your writing in a second language. Nice dialogue. If this is your first time allow me to welcome you to Friday Fictioneers. I look forward to reading more.



      • No problem at all and thank you for the warm welcome, while I am indeed not carmen, I am here because of her pointing out the link to me, so there is truth in everything…
        Yes, writing fiction in a foreign language is somewhat scary, but I might be able to take some advantage from my limited understanding of english grammar and lack of vocabulary: Must be easier to stick to 100 words if you dont know many 🙂

  2. Bist du Carmen?

    Or are you new? I love the way you are not afraid to express yourself in a second, possibly daunting language. Sehr gut.

    I have been to Bhutan. Lovely place. Will be checking out your section on it.

    Bis spater,



      • Thanks for the warm welcome and indeed Bhutan is an extraordinary place, I was able to spend 5 weeks there last year, and the audience with the secretary of GNH was one of the highlights. And being mistaken for Carmen is an absolute honor, albeit I must have shown a terrible German accent 🙂

  3. My german is limited, darling. I know Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, and some phrase I picked up on a lark while in Germany one summer about how I have a constipated wombat, which comes in very handy as you can imagine.
    I enjoyed your story, nonetheless. There is something there that stood out for me — playing a tragedy that no one will see.

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