Cologne 1952

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„All houses must be down before the day is over? Time is money, guys! ”

The words of the foreman still resonated in his head.

“New era coming, and a new complex, all glass and concrete. Neat, clean and profitable.”

Tearing down buildings was not new to him, nor to anyone in construction business.

“The insurance company needs space.”

One house was left to dismantle, standing in front of number 34 he looked at the entrance.

Impossible! Turning around he knew he would need a new job.

It wouldn’t change the fate of the house for the better, but maybe himself.

This one might need a little explanation, since few people know this portion of history: While most of German town centers did suffer serious damage through bomb attacks in WW2, a significant portion of the “art nouveau” houses that survived, felt victim to the construction boom driven by banks and insurance companies, that owned the properties and wanted to establish fancy headquarters. Luckily most German downtowns are still vivid living quarters nevertheless.

7 Gedanken zu „Cologne 1952

  1. Really worthy sentiments, well expressed. I enjoyed this and could identify with it. We lived for some time in the Oberfranken region of your country and loved the picturesque villages and houses just bursting with character.

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